Too many wooden cutting boards? No such thing.

A few of my favourites

A few of my favourites

Much to the chagrin of my husband, I have a few minor obsessions when it comes to collecting kitchen-y things.  While they are all useful bits and bobs, he argues that we don’t really need eight creamers, over a dozen cheese knives and tiny little jam spoons, or another flat of glass jars.  I feel like he’s slowly coming around to my overflowing jar collection but one obsession he has never questioned is my love of wooden cutting boards.  They are beautiful, easy to store, and oh-so functional – who could argue with that!

If you are less inclined than me to find creative hiding spots all around your apartment for your too-large collection, here is my shortlist for a few different wooden boards that I would suggest any kitchen needs.

One Big Board

There are few things more frustrating than starting dinner prep only to realize that you’ve run out of real estate.  Enter a big old cutting board.  Using a large cutting board gives you enough space to work and prep and also allows for you to shove some already-prepped ingredients off to the side while they await their destiny in your delicious dinner.

I tend to opt for a sturdy hardwood cutting board that is around 13x22 inches.  This gives you enough room to work without being too large to store.  The one pictured above was made for me as a wedding gift by my friend Gill of G&G Carpentry based in Waterloo, Ontario.  Not only is she a beaut but also a real powerhouse in my kitchen!

A Moat-Equipped Board

There is nothing that will make carving a beautiful roast easier and tidier than a cutting board that has a little moat around the edge.  It will collect all of those lovely juices and stop them from running all over your counter or kitchen table making cleanup a breeze.  Those juices that collect are great poured over stored leftovers and helps keep your meat super tasty so be sure to save as much as you can.

My go-to is a 12x18” or 11x14” bamboo board.  They are easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, and, as bamboo is a highly renewable material, they are super green!

Two or Three Odd-Shaped Boards

A stash of two or three teeny tiny little wooden cutting boards or beautiful artisan boards that seem too pretty to slice and dice on are the absolute perfect answer when looking for a statement-making serving piece.  Whether you are putting a baguette out with your dinner or whipping up a little cheeseboard to bring to a party, these boards really shine. 

A Non-Wood Board

In addition to your wooden board collection, it’s a good idea to have a medium/large plastic cutting board to use for raw meats.  They are the easiest to disinfect keeping your kitchen safe and your family healthy!