Citrus Supremes

Peeled grapefruit and a few supremes 

Peeled grapefruit and a few supremes 

Supreme: a snazzy word for segments of any citrus fruit.

The difference between a supreme and a citrus fruit that has been peeled and divided by hand is the knife technique used to remove not just the peel and pith but also all of the membrane and seeds.  

While it sounds a wee bit complicated, it’s as easy as anything and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be a supreme supremer… see what I did there?


How to supreme citrus:

Using a knife, carefully trim off the very top and bottom of your citrus fruit.

Next, place the fruit on its end and begin to remove the peel and pith with your knife, beginning at the top and slicing down along the curve of the fruit.

Finally, over a bowl, hold the fruit in your hand and carefully cut out each segment by inserting the blade of your knife between the flesh of the fruit and the membrane on both sides of each segment.

If your recipe calls for juice, the residual membrane still holds a good amount.