Cheers to dessert! A stout float for St. Paddy's Day

Stout Float with Irish Whiskey Caramel

Stout Float with Irish Whiskey Caramel

Two facts about me: I love ice cream and I love beer. 

So, on this St. Patrick’s Day, I thought to myself why not mix the two into a slightly sacrilegious grown up float?  True beer aficionados may scoff at the combination but, to me, this desserty cocktail is simply scrumptious.  To really up the Irish on a day like today, I’ve whipped up an Irish whiskey (with an ‘e’) salted caramel sauce to drizzle atop a classic crowning swirl of canned whipped cream.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, check out my recipe for stout cupcakes and Irish Cream buttercream on the Your Morning site!  You can also check out a video of the segment here!

Sláinte and happy drinking!

Stout Float with Salted Whiskey Caramel

Make 2 servings (with extra caramel leftover)

1/4 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 cup whipping cream
3 tbsp whiskey
2 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp salt
2 – 4 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
1 tall can of stout
Whipped cream from a can for that classic soda fountain feel

For the salted whiskey caramel, pour the water into a medium saucepan over medium-high heat and top with the sugar.  Do not stir this mixture at all prior to adding the cream as this will cause crystals to form and prevent your caramel from being silky smooth.

Cook the water and sugar mixture until it becomes a deep golden colour, approximately 10-13 minutes.

Remove the caramel from the heat and carefully whisk in the cream and whiskey.  Return the caramel to the heat and cook, stirring frequently over medium-low, until the caramel has thickened quite a bit.  This should take approximately 8-10 minutes.   If there are lumps in your caramel after adding the cream, that's ok.  Just keep whisking over the heat and they should dissolve.

Once thickened, remove the caramel from the heat and whisk in the butter, vanilla, and salt.  Set aside and allow to cool.

For the stout floats, divide the ice cream between two pint glasses then slowly top each with half a can of the stout.  Top each a swirl of whipped cream, a drizzle of salted whiskey caramel, and enjoy with a straw and spoon!